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Imagine if.

Imagine if…

You had no fear today.

Just imagine.

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Run Freak Run is a Pretty Spooky Webcomic by Silver Saaremael and Kaija Rudkiewicz / runfreakrun! It updates once a week on Mondays.

It is the 17th century, and witches and monsters alike run rampant throughout Spain; and I’m not just talking about those who disagree with the ruling powers. To combat these supernatural threats the Royal Inquisition was formed, a branch of the church employed by the Queen to destroy these horrific beings. One such member is Inquisitor Two, more weapon and wit than woman, who travels the countryside on missions along with her handler Alonso.

But it’s difficult to constantly hunt and kill the supernatural when you have ties to such abilities yourself, and Two is not one to keep her dislike for the queen hidden - or at the very least diplomatic. She has evaded the more unscrupulous aspects of her job for a good while, but sooner or later things will catch up to her, and do so in a way that could easily become the final straw in a difficult life. Two must come to terms with her heritage and her duties, or else she may very well become a target of her own organization.

I may not have read a lot of Hellboy, but man do I get a large Hellboy vibe from this comic. Maybe it’s the stark yet surprisingly deep artwork, maybe it’s the “supernatural vs supernatural” theme, maybe it’s the talking cat that refers to people as “kiddo,” but it’s with the utmost sincerity that I say this comparison is not a bad thing. The story is really intriguing as the pieces are set into place, and I genuinely want to see what happens next.

While it seems sparse at first don’t be fooled; there’s a lot going on this comic, as pieces and plot points are explained and built on as the story progresses, and the pacing is pretty good for such relatively short chapters. Run Freak Run is a genuinely good and compelling comic, and is well worth a look.

Run Freak Run contains violence, gore, and body horror, and is suitable for teens and up.

Thanks to caitlinsmartt for the suggestion!

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